Exclusive Land Based Casinos

These are the casinos for the elite in the society. And by elite, we mean very rich and powerful. Some of the exclusive casinos that we review at Peek Sneakers have reserved access. Not just anyone can waltz into the casino and start playing their games.

The Ritz London

For The Ritz as a VIP, arrival in London guarantees a pickup in one of their luxury limousines. And if that isn’t fancy enough for you how about a private and devoted concierge service. Since gaming is what we all about, the casino has four main gaming salons The Sales Prive, The Carmen, The Aida and the Amber Lounge.

Each of the gaming rooms has a different player capacity. For instance, the Carmen saloon has 2 roulette tables and one baccarat and black table. All the gaming rooms, however, do offer all the popular table games including Blackjack, Roulette, Three Card Poker and Baccarat. The smallest chip size in roulette is £5.

The Wynn Las Vegas

Based in Las Vegas is the Wynn Casino. This VIP casino is also part of an amazing hotel that needs its patrons to book at 60 days in advance. The casino also offers its members a dedicated concierge service and as well as flight reservations for up to 8 people.

Their exquisite Encore gaming lounge offers the players luxurious gaming space with a full view of the HDTV. Not forgetting the ready set calendar for the rest of the year. It does not get more organized than that.

Les Ambassadors Club

The Les Ambassadors Club is another casino that is open to the rich and famous. The casino has a main gaming lounge with 16 gaming tables. The games played here are the usual baccarat, blackjack, roulette and three card poker. The club also has 5 private lounges as if the gaming lounge was not private enough.