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picksneakersmn.com is the ultimate guide to real money VIP gambling. We cater for both the land-based and online High-Profile Casino industries. All the casinos featured on this site provide the highest and most exclusive gambling. Casinos that are designed around catering for the needs of the world’s rich and famous, that is our focus.

Who We Are

This effort is the combined work of two sisters. Our unique upbringing and lifestyles give us an insight into the world of the Rich and Famous. Growing up the world was literally our playground. We traveled to all the best locations in the world with our parents as they searched for another perfect photo.

Venetian Luxury Resort

Why Casino Peek Sneakers?

Being a professional photographer had its perks for our parents. Very few people, including the extremely wealthy, can pass the opportunity to ask for professional quality picture at an Exclusive resort. And in return, mom and dad would get invited into exclusive casinos and clubs. Since we were underage, we would be left to play outside but the temptation to sneak a peek at the casino was too much to resist. And the nickname for this duo, Casino Peek Sneakers stuck forever.

Why You Should trust Casino Peek Sneakers

When mom and dad died in a fatal aeroplane crash in Argentina the pain nearly destroyed both of us. However, after visiting the last place we saw them, Park Hyatt Mendoza casino in Argentina, one of the most exclusive casinos in the world, we knew what we had to do.

All the work we do here, reviewing the top High roller casinos as well as the most popular Internet casino games is a dedication to all the awesome experiences mom and dad left us particularly getting sneak peeks into the lives of rich and famous gambling.

We stand resolved to provide the world with the opportunity to be sneak peekers to VIP gambling, just like young Shona and Niyoosha. By sharing the gift that life gave us with the rest of humanity we immortalize our parents. This means that quality of content will never be compromised even for money because for us you cannot put a price on the memory of our parents.

We hope you enjoy the sneak peaks to the World’s top exclusive casinos.

In Memory of Mom and Dad