Welcome to Casino Peek Sneakers the premium gambling guide where, you guessed it, we give you a sneak peek into casinos. Not just any casino but only the top and most exclusive casinos in the world. Trust us to find and review all the best places where the rich and famous dice with chance.


Why Casino Peek Sneakers

This particular casino guide is dedicated to giving you “a peek” into where the High Roller Casino game players enjoy their gambling. Whether it is internet or land-based gambling we will show you where the big bags of money are being exchanged for real money gambling chips.

Prepare to be exposed to the lifestyles of VIP gamblers. Everything that you ever need to know about how the High Stakes Gamblers are treated is made available for you right here.

Do NOT expect any pulling of punches. If it is bad we will call it bad. An average casino, do not expect to here about it here! For us, this hobby has a lot of sentimental value.

EXPECT expensive casino game reviews, games where the bets are big and the payout bigger.

Enough with the waffling, to the business.

What are Exclusive Casinos

For a casino to be termed exclusive it naturally has to exclude other people. The only thing used to discriminate at these top casinos is the amount of money you want to spend. These casinos prioritise their Big Spending casino game players. Therefore the more you spend, the better you are treated.

Who Gets to Play at Exclusive Casinos

Some of these casinos are restricted to members only. These premier gambling establishments are by invite only. This means that the patrons are all highly placed individuals in society.

Some casinos allow you to earn player points until you reach VIP status which then gives you access to VIP games. This is a way of rewarding their loyal players.

What to Expect at Exclusive Casinos

The most notable thing about VIP gambling are the higher betting limits. Besides the opportunity to win gigantic sized prizes the casino also takes care of your every need. You do not have to wait for anything and at most exclusive casinos they will even babysit your kids while you gamble.